Mehwish Hayat gets angry when they found ‘Cockroach’ in Toilet’s of the Karachi Airport


Famous actress Mehwish Hayat shows anger at airport administration after seeing dirt and cockroaches in Karachi airport toilets.

Mehwish Hayat is one of the actress in the Pakistani showbiz industry who never hesitate to speak their heart. Other than showbiz she openly discusses political and social issues as a public representative.

Mehwish Hayat tries to divert the attention of top officials by telling the administration about the mess at Karachi Airport.

Mehwish Hayat describes the unhappy experience at Karachi Airport on Twitter as disgusting. And unfortunately, she said – at Karachi airport experienced the use of a special washroom made for women. It was so dirty that even cockroach were seen in the washroom.

Mehwish Hayat also wrote that the airport washroom is not only unhealthy for the people. But also those who come here from abroad. We want to show them this mess and give them the first impression of our country. ‘Toilet cleaning is one of the basic amenities’.


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