Imran Ashraf responds to criticism of underage married couple


Pakistani actor Imran Ashraf has responded to those who have objected to the marriage of Asad and Nimra, who have gone viral on social media, saying that they have married and please congratulate them.

For the past two days on social media, photos of a young couple Asad and Nimra’s wedding are going viral. The two married at the age of 18, making the important decision in their lives. However, the marriage decision of the couple at the age of 18 has been widely criticized on social media, and people are saying that at this age they should have concentrated on their career and education rather than getting married.

Many people also came out in defense of them and praised their decision, saying that instead of traveling around and spending time together, they had taken the right step by marrying. As well as pakistani actor Imran Ashraf also came out to support this young couple.

A post by Imran Ashraf is going viral on social media, in which he is responding to critics supporting both of them, saying that we will now prove the marriage decision of anyone to be true or false. He said, internet has been made a court where everyone writes down punishment according to their frustration.

He further wrote that they both married. Let all of you congratulate them. God may fill their lives with happiness. It should be clear that Asad and Nimra will continue their education after marriage.

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