Famous Pakistani Actress Dressed like Egg Yolk at an Event.


A few days ago, the Pakistan International Screen Awards 2020 was held in Dubai. Where big names from the Pakistan showbiz industry participated.

On the occasion of the awards ceremony, every Pakistani actress on the red carpet has her own unique style. Someone wore an Eastern style dress, And some chose western style long gowns and maxis to suit that day.

Pakistan International Screen Awards 2020 on social media, where the style of the actors are being discussed. But there, singer Momina Mustehsan is being criticized for her style.

On the occasion of the Pakistan International Screen Awards 2020, singer Momina Mustehsan was spotted in a yellow western style gown. While the singer also changed her hair color as well.

Momina MUstehsan hair looked quite similar to the yellow gown she wore on the red carpet.

Momina Mustehsan adoption of this style made it difficult as people were being criticized on social media for their clothes and hair color.

Read what people have commented on Momina Mustehsan style at the Pakistan International Screen Awards 2020.

“I think it’s egg yolk,” says a fan named Rizwan.

A fan Qaiser Kamran has compared the actress to the Corb.

Sidra Malik wrote, The hair color of the actress look alike turmeric.

A fan criticized the actress’s style, writing, “When you bought Momina Mustehsan from Daraz (an online shopping platform)”.

Another fan likened the singer to the Hollywood actress, writing that ‘Emma Watson and Emma Watson in cheap’.

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