Saba Qamar explains why she did not get married


Saba Qamar has given a reason for not marrying yet. The actress answered her questions on Twitter yesterday for her followers.

In her tweet yesterday, Saba said that she would respond to follower’s questions. After which a large number of her fans raised questions.

A fan asked if I would like to know why you are not married yet? In reply, Saba wrote, “There is no one to whom I can live my whole life”

A fan asked that many celebrities become proud after getting fame. How do you maintain your dignity and kindness even after working so many years in the industry? Also give some suggestions for newcomers. To which Saba thanked him and wrote that the only tip is to be positive and kind.

Saba Qamar was asked what she does to maintain mental health and what advice would she give to people with depression?

On a question from a fan from India, Saba said that she wanted to act in drama but is currently working in films while the web series is coming soon.

Asked about launching a YouTube channel, Saba wrote that she would launch a YouTube channel on her birthday.

Asked about the favorite among the two well-known dramas “Cheekh” and “Baaghi” of Saba Qamar, the actress said that both are like my children, cannot choose one.

On the question about Sajal and Ahad, Siba wrote that they were made for each other, many love and prayers for them.

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