Pakistani Actress Meeraji embarrassed Corona by speaking English


Posts are being shared by Pakistani showbiz industry’s famous actress on social media for taking precautionary measures on the Corona virus these days.

In this case, famous actress of the film industry Meeraji also came on social media and expressed her thoughts in English about Corona virus awareness.

Meeraji explains in her video the causes of Covid-19 in English and discussing the treatment for this virus.

Meeraji suggested in her video Prevention of Covid-19 that we must take care of halal food and hygiene to prevent such a disease.

The video message of pakistani actress Meeraji about Covid-19 in English is becoming increasingly viral on social media and is being discussed by fans on Meeraji Far Far English.

Let’s know the interesting and hilarious comments of fans on Meeraji English.

A fan wrote in a comic comment. ‘Repent, the English must have gotten the Corona virus’.

Nida Bajwa says, ‘Why did you do this Meeraji?’

Another fan wrote, “I used to read English in fourth grade.”

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