Pakistani Celebrities find a solution to end boredom in lockdown situation


To protect themselves from the deadly Corona virus, Pakistani celebrities have carefully quarantined their homes and social media is also urging people to stay indoors as a precautionary measure. In the meantime, pakistani actors and actress have also been sharing interesting videos of their activities on social media.

A hilarious and quite interesting video of pakistani couple Yasir Hussain and Iqra Aziz is going viral on social media in which Yasir Hussain is seen making his wife Iqra Aziz hairs. In video, Iqra Aziz is saying that we are doing this to get rid of boredom while sitting at home and Yasir Hussain is saying, this is the only case of boredom.

On the other side, pakistani actor Danish Taimoor video goes viral with his daughter, in which she is asking when we will go to school.


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