Barbie Doll actress Katrina Kaif spotted sweeping and clean the house in lock down situation


Bollywood’s Barbie doll actress Katrina Kaif forced to clean house by Corona virus outbreak.

Following the Corona virus’s directive to quarantine, the stars have also restricted themselves to homes, but he/she is seen to sharing all their activities on social media.

Nowadays indian actress Katrina Kaif has been sharing video on Instagram every day about what she’s doing at home during Quarantine.

A video of the bollywood actress was seen cleaning her house with a broom, which she described as a good exercise for physical health.

she also wrote instructions in hashtags to stay home and help in household chores.

In another video Katrina Kaif can also be seen washing dishes.

Katrina Kaif also shared a workout video and told that as you all know we are in isolation, we cannot go to the gym in the meantime. But you can take yoga and exercise classes while keeping in touch via video chat with your trainer.

Moreover, Katrina Kaif is spending her time talking to her fellow actors through video chat, as well as providing precautions for preventing the Corona virus.

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