Sajal Ali expresses her love with mother-in-law after marriage


Pakistani couple Sajal Ali and Ahad Raza Mir, who recently started new journey of life in Abu Dhabi, have also taken social distance like everyone else these days.

Sajal Ali, who is experiencing a new married life at home, shared happiness at her Insta stories sharing candies pic given by mother-in-law.

Sajal Ali wrote while sharing the photo, “When mommy brings your favorite candy, Love You Mama”.

Ahad Raza Mir’s mother, Samra Raza Mir, are never traditional. Even before the couple’s engagement, Ahad’s mother expressed her deep affection for Sajal Ali on social media.

Before the wedding, Sajal Ali wrote in the caption of a photo that was hugging her mother-in-law, “The real pleasure is to find a mother-in-law who looks at you like my mama used to see me.”

It should be noted that Sajal Ali’s mother passed away in 2017. Sajal was in Switzerland with pakistani actress Adnan Siddiqui and bollywood actress Siri Devi for the shooting of the Bollywood debut film “Mom” when she was notified of her mother’s sudden death.

Sajal and Ahad were married on March 14, 2020 on the beautiful Zaya Nurai island of Abu Dhabi, attended by only family members and a few close friends of Sajal and Ahad.

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