Pakistani actress Nadia Jamil suffers from breast cancer


Pakistani actress Nadia Jamil revealed on Twitter that she has been diagnosed with breast cancer and she is in undergoing treatment.

The actress said, via a tweet on Twitter. “I was diagnosed with cancer last week, I went to treatment twice in four days”.

she further wrote that for the past few days she has been suffering from feelings of sadness, fear, love, peace, acceptance, patience, gratefulness, while in the meantime she felt a sense of responsibility for her children, her parents, her loved ones and herself.

In another tweet, Nadia Jamil said, ‘My Breast Cancer is in the first stage. And for the third grade of the tumor, it is important for women to have regular self-examinations. If you find any abnormalities in you, get a quick check up, I am looking forward to the date of my surgery and stay positive enough, Don’t worry too much and take care of yourself.’

In her tweet, she wrote, “Cancer didn’t snatch my smile, thank you fans, for help with your love and prayers that’s why i am happy”.

According to the actress, her surgery will be done tomorrow and she requested the fans to pray for her.

Actress Nadia Jamil is very active in her career as well as in the welfare work. While many women in Pakistan are facing severe criticism over adoption of children, actress Nadia Jamil has set a new example by adopting two children.

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