Pakistani Actress before and after pics during lock down


A nationwide lock down due to the Corona virus, pakistani actresses have been locked in homes and unable to go to the beauty parlor. Due to which the photos of all these celebrities went viral on social media without makeup.

Due to the Corona virus, lock down has been going on all over the country for the past two weeks, which has led to the closure of the beauty parlor as well as where all walks of life have been suspended.

The biggest loss of the beauty parlor closure is the loss of women and pakistani actresses because behind the beautiful faces of the actresses, the beauty of the beauty parlor involves everywhere. And because of the beauty parlor, the actresses looked so beautiful on TV screens.

However, due to the lockdown, the actress has been locked in the house. And going to the beauty parlor in this situation does not raise the question. So without make-up pakistani actresses photos on social media are going viral during lock down.

Fans are amazed at without make-up photos of pakistani actresses on social media and expressing mixed views. Fans on social media commented on the photo on Mahira Khan saying without makeup she looks so beautiful.

However, some people expressed different views. One woman said that if Mahira Khan is beautiful then I am Miss Universe. Almost all fans commented on Mawra Hussain without make-up pic she looks gorgeous as well.

While on the other hand, pakistani actress Kubra Khan appeared to be thinking of quarantine time and shared her photos with fans.

Ayeza Khan, the favorite actress of all the people, sits on the corridor of her house and snaps her memorable photos during quarantine time.

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