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Mehwish Hayat explains the reason for not working in bollywood

Famous pakistani actress Mehwish Hayat has explained the reason why she has not worked in the Bollywood industry till now.

According to details, In an interview with the British Broadcasting Agency, Mehwish Hayat revealed the reason for not working in Bollywood yet.

The actress said that during an interview the host asked her why she did not work in Bollywood till now.

On this question asked by the host, Mehwish Hayat replied that I was already getting so much quality work in Pakistan that I did not feel the need to work in Bollywood.

Actress Mehwish Hayat also appears on social media expressing her opinions on various topics.

The actress said that I get a lot of respect from my own country.

She said, the most important honor for me is self-esteem. When you work in Bollywood, there is no self-respect.” After working in Bollywood, you cannot attend the premieres of your films, and this is very dishonorable.

To be clear, Mehwish Hayat said, that where there is no self-respect and you got only money and fame, such work does not matter to me.

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