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Me At 20 Challenge: Pakistani celebrities sharing their throwback photos in lockdown

Lockdowns have been underway for the past several weeks due to the Coronavirus spreading around the world, and people are busy trying to keep themselves busy by participating in unique trends for free. The Me At 20 Challenge trend is becoming increasingly popular on social media. In this challenge, you have to share the picture when you are 20 years old.

The trend started on April 13 with a Twitter handle named as 202Net, in which the user asked people to share their photo when they were 20 years old. After that, the trend became hugely popular on social media and many celebrities from Pakistan also shared their old photos.

While renowned singer Shehzad Roy is known for his excellent singing and social work, a reference to his fame is young age, which is not giving rise to old age. A fan shared four identical photos of Shehzad Roy and written he will remain the same at 20, 40, 60 and 80 years old.

Aisha, a woman, shared two photos of Shehzad Roy, one being 20 years old and the other 40, and she said, the age is just number for Shehzad Roy.

Saman Jaffry wrote: You are exactly the same for 20 years to till date, this challenge is for people who have really changed.

Rawalpindi Express Shoaib Akhtar also shared his photo, where the Pakistanis commented on his image, the Indians appreciated his image too. The man named Mohammad Ali wrote “The Real Pindi Boy”.

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s former wife Jemima Gold Smith also shared her old photo. In fact, they did not change much in those years.

Famous anchor Iqrar ul Hassan also shared his old photo while participating in this trend and wrote: Why should I stay behind?

Well-known pakistani anchors Person Hamid Meer, Waseem Badami and Asma Shirazi also shared their old photographs which people liked very much.

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