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Ayeza Khan fashionable mask became a trend on social media

Pakistani actress Ayeza Khan not only used a matching mask with her own clothes instead of a surgical mask as a precautionary measure against the corona virus epidemic, but also advised people to do the same.

As a precautionary measure against the Corona epidemic, people around the world are being advised to wear face masks and wash their hands frequently. However, they have become rare due to the increasing demand for face masks. In Pakistan, either surgical masks are not available or are so expensive that they are out of reach.

In this situation, actress Ayeza Khan has advised people to wear masks made of matching fabrics regardless of the surgical mask. Yesterday, Ayeza Khan shared a few photos on her Instagram account in which she is wearing a matching mask with her clothes.

With all the clothes she wrote with these pictures, a matching mask is now needed. Ayeza Khan also shared a picture of a surgical mask and wrote that you should not buy these masks due to lack of N95 and surgical masks in the medical field and if you have these masks which are still in use. If not, consider donating them to local hospitals. Because the medical staff who are currently fighting Corona need these masks more than us.

Ayeza khan added that people have stockpiled face masks out of fear of Corona, which has led to a shortage of masks for medical staff who really need them. That’s why the fashion industry took a step back by using its expertise to make masks. So people all over the world now insist on making cloth masks because surgical masks are either too expensive or not available.

Ayeza Khan referred to her recent posts in which she is wearing a matching mask from her outfit and said that she and her team encouraged her followers to not only make their own mask but also to make it and showcase your creative skills.

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