Nadia Hussain cried when she saw the Ka’aba empty


Pakistani model and actress Nadia Hussain could not control her emotions while talking about the empty Kaaba due to the Corona epidemic.

Nadia Hussain recently participated in PTV’s Ramadan transmission. Ahsan Khan, the host of the transmission, asked her to share own experience of Hajj and Umrah with the audience. Nadia Hussain said that the experience of visiting the Ka’aba cannot be described in words because i have no words to describe what you feel there.

While the Corona virus has gripped the entire world, it has also had effects on the Kaaba and the Prophet’s Mosque. And for the past several weeks, the Kaaba has been closed to visitors. Talking about this, Nadia Hussain said that seeing the Kaaba empty makes my hair stand on end.

Nadia Hussain became emotional while talking about the Ka’aba and said, “I don’t understand where we failed to please Allah.” I am very sad to see the empty Ka’bah every time I see the Ka’bah is empty. I don’t understand what to do then I ask Allah for forgiveness and pray Allah this is your home and your house is never empty And your house has been empty for so long now.

“Every time I think about it, tears come to my eyes,”. So let’s be careful with this in mind, to stop this epidemic from spreading, but we have become so numb that we don’t care that the Ka’aba is empty these days because of the spread of this epidemic and all that However, we are not careful.

Listening to Nadia Hussain’s words and seeing her emotional, the show’s host Ahsan Khan and the audience could not control their emotions and tears welled up in their eyes as well.


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