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If Humayun Saeed continues to work like this, one day he will learn acting: Noman Ijaz

A video of Pakistani TV actor Noman Ijaz and actor-director Wasay Chaudhry is going viral on the internet in which he is talking about actors Humayun Saeed and Adnan Siddiqui. However, after the video went viral on social media, Noman Ijaz is being criticized by fans.

In the video, Noman Ijaz says that he was watching different things on the internet and at the same time he saw a clip of Humayun Saeed and he thought that actors learn a lot with time but Humayun has not been able to do it yet.

Noman Ijaz further said that he is sure that if Humayun Saeed continues to work like this, he will one day accidentally learn acting. Man should never be disappointed.

Meanwhile, when Wasay Chaudhry asked Noman Ijaz what he would say about the performance of the famous actor Adnan Siddiqui, he replied that he is also the leader of Humayun Saeed and is following in his footsteps, even at this age.

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