Jibran Nasir’s criticism of ‘Ertugrul Ghazi’, actor Haroon Shahid shuts his mouth


The drama ‘Ertugrul Ghazi’, which has become popular all over the world including Turkey, has recently been dubbed in Urdu and aired on Pakistan Television Network PTV Home.

The drama serial is gaining immense popularity in Pakistan while the stars of Pakistani showbiz industry are also liking the drama very much.

The play Ertugrul Ghazi by Hamza Ali Abbasi, Bilal Ashraf, and actor Haroon Shahid was highly appreciated while film star Shaan Shahid also criticized the broadcast of Turkish drama in Pakistan.

After actor Shaan Shahid, politician and social activist Jibran Nasir criticized Ertugrul Ghazi for broadcasting in Pakistan.

Jibran Nasir said that we have innumerable cultures in Pakistan. But sadly, many people still have problems with their identities.

He wrote about the similarities between Pakistanis and Indians that often because of the similarities between whites (British) Pakistanis are considered Indians, first, we made ourselves Arabic and now we are trying to make ourselves Turks.

Actor Haroon Shahid, while replying to Jibran Nasir’s criticism, wrote: Then 80% of Pathans and Kashmiris should immediately take in the sunshine of June. Otherwise, Jibran Bhai will think that we are trying to look like Italians.

He later wrote that he was proud to be a Pakistani and that no matter what happened, he would see Ertugrul Ghazi.


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