Celebrities of Pakistani showbiz industry infected with COVID-19


The global epidemic of coronavirus is raging all over the world and so far many famous personalities including politicians have been infected in Pakistan.

The deadly coronavirus has so far infected more than 6.9 million people worldwide, while the number of deaths from the virus has exceeded 400,000.

Pakistan has seen a sharp rise in coronavirus cases since June, with more than 100,000 coronavirus patients across the country. The death toll from the virus has exceeded 2,000.

Coronavirus has infected several famous politicians in Pakistan, including celebrities from the showbiz industry.


The famous actress of Pakistani showbiz industry Rubina Ashraf was diagnosed with coronavirus last week after which she took self-isolated at home.

Rumors were circulating on social media about the actress’ health that she had been shifted to the intensive care unit (ICU), but yesterday her daughter Minna Tariq denied the rumors and said that her mother condition is better now.


Actor and host Vasay Chaudhry is also suffering from the deadly coronavirus.

Yesterday, Vasay Chaudhry said via Twitter post that his COVID-19 test result was positive after which he has been quarantined.

Vasay Chaudhry said that he has also tested his family for corona and thank God all the results have been negative.


Morning show host Nida Yasir, her husband, and actor Yasir Nawaz and daughter are also infected with the coronavirus.

After Nida Yasir, Yasir Nawaz, and their daughter’s corona test came positive, all three isolated themselves at their residence in Karachi.


Alizey Shah, a young actress in the Pakistani drama industry, is also infected with the deadly coronavirus.


Actor Naveed Raza tested positive for corona after attending Nida Yasir’s morning show, after which he is quarantined at his home.

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