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5 Richest Pakistani Actresses Who Have Managers to Pick Up a Phone Call

It has never been difficult for me to talk before. Some celebrities come to mind when I hear this line. You have to go through difficulties like managers to talk to them and sometimes these managers don’t let you talk. This work has been started mostly by new-age celebrities. Otherwise, names like Humayun Saeed, Adnan Siddiqui, Javed Sheikh still pick up the phone themselves and answer your question in a manner.

Kubra Khan’s Manager

You have to go through the manager to talk to Kubra Khan. Until a few days ago, Kubra herself used to get in touch. But then someone explained to them that these are not big star tricks. Change your mind. The big star these days is the one with a manager and he will make you a star. Now, who can explain that something can be decided in two minutes It takes two days to two months to do this.

Hira Mani’s Manager

Believe it or not, Hira Mani has considered herself a big star. Now Hira has two or three people with her who repeatedly make her realize that Hira is no longer the one who used to go to shows as Mani’s wife. And you would jump when you got a show. Now you have to change. Some sources have said that now Hira herself repeatedly makes everyone realize that I am not the old Hira. I now charge millions for a job. Her manager treats her like a child baby. And if you have to say hello to Hira, So your message will be delivered by the manager.

Hania Amir’s Manager

Hania Amir made herself a baby after working in a film. You must face a storm called manager to get in touch with them. She manages everything from making money deals to saying “Madam is busy now”.

Mahira Khan’s Manager

Granted, Mahira Khan is a huge star, but talking to her is a very difficult task. Because their manager takes three to four days to respond to any contact. If you have something very important to do, you have to email directly. After working with Bollywood actors, Mahira Khan now lives a similar life.

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