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Pakistani celebrities who went from fat to fit

Showbiz celebrities are an inspiration to the general public. And people not only follow them but also follow all their trends and comment on it. We are all aware of the fact that the world of showbiz is a world of appearances and in order to make a place in it and to maintain this place, the people associated with showbiz have to pay special attention to their weight and their own dress and style. That’s why some of our showbiz actresses have not only lost weight through strenuous exercise and dieting to gain people’s attention and love, but have become even more beautiful and attractive than before.

1: Hareem Farooq

In recent days, when Hareem Farooq appeared on the screen, his freshness and smartness attracted everyone and with the addition of this charm, she is also becoming the choice of drama directors. It is said, Hareem lost 35 kg in a year and thus managed to attract the attention of producers. Regarding weight loss, Hareem Farooq says that he has never tried to lose weight by dieting for a limited period of time. She lost weight by constantly working hard and controlling their diet, and re-established themselves in the hearts of the people.

2: Sanam Jung

Sanam Jang, the host of the popular morning show, gained a lot of weight after the birth of her daughter. Reducing that weight was also a challenge for them. For this, she enlisted the help of renowned trainer Shoaib Khan and lost 17.5 kg in a short period of time with his prescribed diet and exercise. And again, they appeared on the screen as heroin after weight loose.

3: Nadia Khan

Nadia Khan’s showbiz career is full of ups and downs. Nadia Khan, who won the hearts of everyone with her innocence in the form of a naughty girl at the beginning of her career, became the favorite personality of every household by becoming the host of Morning Show. But when they reappeared after the marriage and the birth of a daughter, their charm was lost because of their increased weight, which they themselves were aware of. For this reason, she hired trainer Madiha Iftikhar and not only reduced her weight but also increased her freshness through exercise and dieting.

4: Natasha Khalid

Natasha Khalid, whose main reason for fame is as a beautician, is also a beacon for people in the field of modeling. She not only reduced her weight gain as a barrier to success in her field, but also set an example for other girls by reducing it.

5: Aiman And Minal Khan

Everyone liked these girls with innocent faces and puffy cheeks as child stars. But she was well aware that if she wanted to make a name for herself as heroin, she would have to lose weight. To do this, she first got rid of all the eating and drinking habits that children are fond of, including fast food, chocolate, etc. she gave up all these things to lose weight and used dieting, exercise as well as indigenous tips. And made herself so smart that the director forced her to cast as heroin.

6: Juggan Kazim

Juggan Kazim holds a special place in the showbiz industry due to her uniqueness. she loves to take on challenges and meet them. she took her weight gain as one such challenge. And in one of her interviews, she said that she soon lost up to 17 kg through a special diet plan. But after losing that weight, he had to work hard to keep her body balanced and attractive. And it was for this hard work that Garnier was selected as a model for brand.

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