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Pakistani celebrities who have performed Umrah and Hajj

At the start of the year 2020, no one had any idea how big a storm this new year is bringing. Business life suspended, places of worship closed. Some people even called it the Day of Judgment. Saudi officials suspended the circumambulation of the Kaaba. The announcement disappointed Muslims around the world who intended to attend the House of God this year. So today we will see the pictures of Pakistani celebrities that they took in the Kaaba.

1: Aiman Khan And Muneeb Butt

Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt are a very favorite couple of Pakistanis. The couple chose Europe for their honeymoon after their marriage and on their return from honeymoon, they performed Umrah together. Pictures of this memorable and soulful journey for the couple are nothing short of a treasure. And despite not being able to attend the Hajj Baitullah this year, these pictures will definitely remind them of visiting this place.

2: Ayeza Khan And Danish Taimoor

Beautiful couple, beautiful children and successes make this couple a popular married couple in showbiz. Thanks to their achievements, the couple attended the House of God in 2017 with their daughter Hoorain. The pictures taken on this occasion will definitely remind her of the Kaaba and the Holy Shrine of the Holy Prophet this year.

3: Javeria Saud And Saud Qasmi

The couple’s religious leanings are not hidden from anyone. Along with acting, they also continue to express their love for the Prophet by reciting Naat in their beautiful voices. The couple visited the house of God many times, but the year 2018 was special for both of them because on this occasion, they attended the house of God with their son and daughter and offered salutations.

4: Sahiba And Afzal Khan

Sahiba and Afzal Khan are very lucky to have had the privilege of performing Hajj in the year 2015 and the couple held each other’s hands and attended the house of God. Their pictures are enough to remind them of this soulful journey. And like everyone else, the couple prays that they will have this opportunity again in the years to come.

5: Sania Mirza And Shoaib Malik

Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza, an equally popular couple in Pakistan and India, attended the Bargah of God as a token of gratitude. When they received the good news of the completion of their family after many years of marriage. And as a result of this attendance, Allah Almighty blessed them with a beloved son.

6: Reema Khan And Dr. Tariq Shahab

Famous actress Reema Khan chose Dr. Tariq Shahab for her marriage and Allah Almighty blessed Reema with a son. In order to give thanks to Allah Almighty for this blessing, the couple performed Umrah with their son last year. May Allah Almighty grant this beautiful couple the opportunity to visit house of God again and again.

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