Shahid Afridi Enjoying Rainy Day With Baby Arwa


Former Pakistani cricketer and captain Shahid Afridi who needs no introduction. Every cricketer in the world trembled when he heard his name. Because when he started hitting sixes and fours with his bat, the ball would go out of the ground.

Shahid Afridi was as active in the field of cricket. In the same way, in real life, they are very active. Now, he spends most of his time helping the poor after retirement from cricket. In recent days, he has been seen distributing rations to poor people in Sindh.

You all know that Shahid Afridi has five daughters. He loves his daughters so much that he is often seen at the cricket ground with his daughters. And just a few months ago, a fifth daughter was born to him, whom he named Arwa.

Shahid Afridi loves to enjoy with his daughters. He is often seen having fun with his daughters, which he also shares pics on social media. How did he enjoy the heavy rain of Karachi with his daughters today? So let’s look at the pictures of Lala (Shahid Afridi) enjoying the rain.

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