Sanam Jung Enjoying Rain With Her Daughter And Husband


Sanam Jang is a renowned actress and morning show host of Pakistani showbiz industry. Sanam Jang looks as innocent as his face she is exactly the same in real life. She doesn’t like to go to parties like showbiz other actors.

Sanam Jang says in her interview that she likes to hang out only with her children and husband. Otherwise she likes to spend most of her time at home.

Sanam Jang tied the knot with Qassam Jafri in the year 2016. While her husband is a successful pilot by profession. Being a pilot, Sanam Jang’s husband, often lives outside the country. While the couple also has a cute little daughter. Her name is Alaya Jafri.

It should be noted that Sanam Jang has stopped hosting morning shows for a few months. She said that she is tired of doing morning shows and she needs to get some rest.

For the past four days, almost every celebrity in Karachi enjoyed rain on their roofs. So Sanam Jang is also one of the actresses who enjoyed the rain in Karachi with her daughter and husband.

So let’s take a look at Sanam Jung’s rain video and photos shared on social media.

Watching this video of father and daughter splashing water in the rain will surely remind you of your childhood.


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