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Beautiful Pics of Fatima Sohail With Her Son on Eid

We don’t need to introduce who Fatima Sohail is. She is known as the ex-wife of singer and actor Mohsin Abbas Haider. Last year, Fatima took the internet by storm. When she openly accused her ex-husband Mohsin of being extremely violent with her. She said in her interview that she has also filed a case against her ex-husband on charges of domestic violence. Fortunately, the result was in Fatima’s favor and she was allowed to divorce Mohsin Abbas Haider.

Fatima Sohail did not give up even in her troubled days. And she started her showbiz career as well as started paying close attention to her children. While she has also modeled in designer photoshoots and won the hearts of the audience.

Fatima often chats with her fans on social media. We can see Fatima and her son alone in these photos shared on her social media. These photos were taken by Fatima and her son on the occasion of Eid-ul-Adha to commemorate this Eid and also shared on social media with their fans.

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