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Beautiful Pictures From The Wedding Ceremony of Sanam Jung’s Sister

Famous actor and former morning show host Sanam jung baby sister tied the knot earlier this month. The actress shared an emotional video from the wedding on Instagram. While sharing a video saying, she was missing her sister all of a sudden.

You all know that Sanam Jung has four sisters. Of these, three sisters have been married and only one is yet to be married. Sanam Jung’s younger sister is also a well-known designer. Who are running their own personal clothing fashion brand. And Sanam is often seen modeling her sister Anam Jung’s new clothes.

Earlier, in January 2020, Sanam Jung’s sister Amna Jung was married. And now, four months later, another sister, Sonia Jung, has tied the knot. Being the youngest of the sisters, she is also very fond of her elder sister Sanam Jung.

Here are some beautiful pictures from the wedding ceremony of Sanam Jung’s sister, Sonia:

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