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New Pictures of Nadia Khan With Her Newborn Baby Kiaan Khan

Nadia Khan is a talented actress as well as a famous morning show host. It would not be wrong to say that Nadia Khan may have come up with the idea for the morning show on Pakistani TV channels.

Nadia Khan has been hosting a morning show on a popular TV channel for years. While her play Dolly Darling with Ejaz Aslam has become very popular in the hearts of the audience.

Nadia Khan lives less in Pakistan while she lives permanently in Dubai. Due to which she comes to Pakistan once to shoot dramas etc. and goes to Dubai after doing all the work.

Unfortunately, Nadia Khan has been divorced once in her life. But now she is living happily with her children.

Before that, you all must know that Nadia Khan had only two children. A son and a daughter. But now you will be surprised to hear the news that Nadia Khan has given birth to another son. Whom she has named Kiaan khan.

The picture you are looking at is the child in Nadia Khan’s hands. This is her own son Kiaan khan.

Nadia Khan had two children before the birth of her third son. While her daughter is a photocopy of mother.

Nadia Khan has reached the age of 41 in the year 2020. But she still looks like a very young girl.

Did you already know that Nadia Khan is now a mother of three instead of two?

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