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Latest Clicks of Shaista Lodhi with her Husband and Kids

Shaista Lodhi is an actress as well as a well known morning show host. She is counted among the morning show hosts who have done a lot for the morning show on Pakistani TV channels. Whichever TV channel she hosted the morning show, that channel got a lot of TRP.

Shaista Lodhi has worked day and night to get this position and fame. While she is also counted among the hosts who have interviewed many Indian actors. But many times it has come under fire for its morning show.

Shaista Lodhi was first married to Waqar Wahidi in the year 1999. But due to some domestic disputes, the marriage turned into a divorce a few years later. After the divorce, Shaista Lodhi had a very difficult time and that is why she stepped into the showbiz and worked hard.

It should be noted that a few years ago, Shaista Lodhi got married to her cousin Adnan Lodhi for the second time. While it is clear that Shaista Lodhi’s three children are from her first husband Waqar Wahidi.

For a few months now, Shaista Lodhi has left the morning show hosting and quit showbiz. As a professional doctor, she is now spending her entire time at Shaista Lodhi Aesthetics Clinic.

Shaista Lodhi still looks like a young girl. Did you know that Shaista Lodhi has also become a mother of three children?. While Shaista Lodhi’s figure still looks like she is unmarried seeing the beauty of her face.

So let’s see in a few pictures that Shaista Lodhi’s children are as beautiful as their mother.

After looking at the pictures, don’t forget to tell us. Did you like this beautiful family of Shaista Lodhi?.

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