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Aiman Khan Daughter Amal Muneeb Celebrating Her First Independence Day

Aiman Khan is counted among these actresses which we don’t need to be introduced at all. While Aiman Khan has also achieved the milestone of seven million Instagram followers just a few days ago. And now she has become the most popular celebrity in Pakistan.

Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt got married at the end of 2018. Aiman and Muneeb were criticized by the people to celebrate so many functions in this marriage.

Twelve months after the marriage, in the year 2019, Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt were also blessed with a daughter by Allah Almighty. When Aiman Khan shared her daughter’s Amal Muneeb photos on social media, people chanted this slogan. This is exactly the photocopy of Aiman Khan’s childhood.

Aiman Khan has been away from the TV screen for two years since her marriage to Muneeb Butt. And she’s just giving her full time to her daughter’s husband and family.

Today, Amal Muneeb, daughter of Aiman Khan, was seen celebrating the 73rd Independence Day of Pakistan for the first time in a green and white dress. Looking at the pictures of Amal Muneeb, you can guess that she was very happy.

After seeing the pictures of Independence Day celebrations, you will not forget to give love to Amal Muneeb, the cute daughter of Aiman Khan.

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