Beautiful Pictures of Pakistani Celebrities from Independence Day 2020


Today is the 73rd Independence Day being celebrated all over Pakistan. Everyone, young and old, is happy to celebrate this day. Because we got this country after many sacrifices.

Every year on August 14th, a public holiday is declared across the country so that everyone can celebrate this day. Someone decorates their houses with flags, someone climbs on the roof and waves the Pakistani flag.

When there is a private office or a government office or a government school or a private school. Everywhere big functions are held on the occasion of this day. While in many places Pakistani national song competition is also held.

The most important thing of the day is where everyone looks wearing a green and white dress. While small children can be seen painting the Pakistani flag on their faces. And together they are chanting the slogan “Long live Pakistan”.

Like ordinary people, the artists of our Pakistani showbiz industry also celebrate independence day with great respect. Everyone wears green and white clothes on this day. While some actresses even make Pakistani flags on their faces on this day.

So let’s take a look at the pictures of the Pakistani artists who celebrated 14th August this year with great joy.

After looking at the pictures, don’t forget to tell us. You celebrate independence like Pakistani celebrities. And also don’t forget to mention which actress you like in the green and white dress on 14th August.

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