Latest Pictures of Sahir Lodhi With His Wife and Daughter


Famous actor and host Sahir Lodhi who does not need any introduction. As well as hosting this morning show, he is also a film actor. You all know that Sahir Lodhi is the younger brother of Shaista Lodhi.

Sahir Lodhi is also counted among the actors who have earned this name by working day and night in showbiz. There is no doubt that Sahir Lodhi is also a hard worker. For many years, they have been seen doing Ramadan transmissions on well-known TV channels.

Sahir Lodhi also has this honor. He has also interviewed many Bollywood actors and actresses with his sister. Sahir Lodhi is as innocent as he looks decent, is in fact very innocent even in real life.

Sahir Lodhi has also made a film of his own in 2017 which was also produced by his own production company. Sahir Lodhi’s performance in this film was very much liked by the fans.

In the year 2020, Sahir Lodhi has turned 52 years old, but he also looks very young. While many people say that Sahir Lodhi’s face is very similar to Shahrukh Khan’s. And they seem to be his very little brother.

Sahir Lodhi started his married life in the year 2005 by marrying Somi Nizami. His wife is also very beautiful and smart like Sahir Lodhi. While Allah had blessed the couple with a daughter a few years later.

So let’s see today how smart Sahir Lodhi’s wife is and how cute his daughter is.

Looking at the pictures of Sahir Lodhi’s wife, don’t forget to tell me Shaista Lodhi’s bhabhi is more beautiful than her.

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