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Latest Clicks of Armeena Khan With Her Husband Fesyl Khan

Armeena Khan is one of the most famous actresses in the Pakistani showbiz industry. It is so beautiful that at a glance the viewer becomes their fan. Armeena Khan works in very few selected dramas. As well as being a drama actor, she is also a famous film actress.

Instead of appearing on TV screens, Armeena Khan is seen doing most of the clothing brand photoshoots, which is probably her hobby. While they are also brand ambassadors of big Pakistani brands.

Armeena Khan spends less time in Pakistan and more time in Canada. It would not be wrong to say that she has a permanent home in Canada. But now they have been living in Canada for a few months due to the lockdown.

Armeena Khan had just got married to her friend Fesyl Khan a few months back. And this wedding will be celebrated in a very private way. So far, her and Fesyl Khan’s wedding photos have not gone viral on social media.

How Armeena Khan spends her time living in Canada and how she dresses, then today we see a few pictures of her.

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