Latest Pictures of Sarah Khan With Her Husband Falak Shabir


Ever since Sara Khan and Falak Shabbir got married, their discussions have become common on social media. Even before her marriage, Sarah Khan was very active on social media, but her husband Falak Shabir was not very active on social media.

Just 25 days after the wedding, new photos of the couple appear every day, which they both share with their fans. Seeing Sarah and Falak’s love, it seems like they can’t live without each other.

Whether it is raining in Karachi or good weather, both of them posted their pictures on social media on every occasion. Now you can see in a picture below how happy the two are looking while eating salad.

While many people also say that Sarah Khan is seen laughing all the time. For one thing, Sara Khan, who entered the showbiz industry, has been around for almost eight years and she is seen laughing in 90% of her photos, which may be her childhood habit.

Let’s see some pictures of how Sarah Khan and Falak Shabir spent 25 days after their marriage.

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