Sarah Khan With Her Beautiful Sister Aisha Khan


You all know that Sarah Khan is a famous Pakistani actress. And also know that Sarah Khan’s younger sister is Noor Khan who is also an actress. Of course, you have seen these two sisters together in many places.

Sarah Khan has said in her interview that she loves her sisters very much. The two sisters have made a name for themselves in the showbiz industry in a very short time. Seeing the innocence of her face, everyone falls in love with her.

Sarah Khan is just recently married to Pakistani singer Falak Shabir. People didn’t even know that Sara Khan was going to make Falak Shabir her life partner. But when people got to know, they liked the couple and congratulated them.

Looking at wedding photos and ordinary photos, people ask Sarah Khan why you look smiling in every photo. Whether Sarah Khan is eating or taking a photoshoot with her husband Falak Shabir or taking a shower in the rain, she seems to be laughing all the time. But so far this question has not been answered.

Do you know that Sarah Khan has two sisters, one is Noor Khan and the other is Aisha Khan. Many of you must have seen Noor Khan, one of Sarah Khan’s sisters. But many of you are not aware that Sarah Khan has another sister Aisha Khan.

Let’s see Sarah Khan, Noor Khan and Aisha Khan together in pictures today. Of course, you will be shocked to see Sarah Khan’s third sister.

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