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Beautiful Pictures of Iqrar Ul Hassan With His Family

Iqrar Ul Hassan is a TV anchor and famous host. They are known and recognized all over the world, including Pakistan, because of their Sar e Aam program.

As well as being a TV host and anchor, Iqrar Ul Hassan is seen hosting the annual Ramadan transmission on the ARY TV channel. Iqrar Ul Hassan is also a writer and a well-known speaker.

Iqrar Ul Hassan is often seen talking about the problem of Pakistan on his social media account. It would not be wrong to say that a Iqrar Ul Hassan is also counted among the famous journalists of Pakistan.

Iqrar Ul Hassan was first married to the famous newscaster Qurat Ul Ain. After the marriage, Allah Almighty blessed the couple with a beautiful son. And today his son has become a famous figure like his father Iqrar Ul Hassan.

But a few years ago, when the news came out that Iqrar Ul Hassan had got married for the second time. So people are shocked and upset when they hear this news. Iqrar Ul Hassan’s second wife is a journalist. She is also a well-known host and TV anchor.

Iqrar Ul Hassan, after two marriages, is carrying his two wives together with great balance, which is a matter of great pride. So let’s take a look at the pictures of his two wives together.

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