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Nida Yasir Daughter Silah Looks Gorgeous in Her Latest Pictures

Nida Yasir is a famous morning show host and a beautiful actress. Her morning show is very popular all over the world. Where women are given valuable information through this show.

Nida Yasir has given up acting these days. But she seems to be spending most of her time in hosting. One thing is for sure. As she grows older, At the same time, their beauty is increasing immensely.

Nida Yasir is now 46 years old. And they’ve been married for almost eighteen years. After marriage, Allah Almighty has blessed Nida and her husband Yasir Nawaz with three children, one of whom is their only daughter and two sons.

Nida Yasir often spends most of the weekend with her family and children. She also shares her photos with her fans. Nada Yasir’s daughter Silah Yasir has also become very smart like her mother.

Nida and Yasir’s daughter Silah has no plans to enter the showbiz industry yet. Because her parents say that first Silah will complete her education and then whatever department Silah has to select is her choice.

So let’s take a look at the beautiful pictures of Nida and her daughter Silah together.

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  1. Hello nida mujy ap bhut achi lagti ho u so. Sexy hip and booba ap ki beti to kamal ki h but mujy ap. K sat krna h. Night plz ans me jasa. Bolo gai hoga


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