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Beautiful Pics of Shehzad Roy With His Wife And Son

Shehzad Roy is a famous Pakistani singer. Who has been writing and singing their own songs for decades. Shehzad is now 43 years old, but he still looks like a young boy.

Shehzad Roy is not singing at all nowadays. While he is giving most of their time in charity work. He is also known for his welfare organization Zindagi Trust. They have set up many free schools for poor children where those young children are getting free education.

Mukhra, one of Shahzad Roy most popular songs, is still very popular among the people. Because when people listen to songs in the voice of Shahzad Roy. At the same time, they start humming themselves. This is the special thing about their songs.

Shehzad Roy started his married life a few years ago by marrying Salma Alam. While his wife, like Shehzad, is heavily involved in charity work, and she often appears on such occasions along with her husband.

So let’s take a look at the pictures of Shahzad Roy’s beautiful wife and his son Sikandar.

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