Noman Ijaz Latest Pictures With Family


Noman Ijaz is one of the talented and versatile actors of the Pakistani showbiz industry. His personality is so good that he is still cast as a hero in every play..

Noman Ijaz is now 55 years old but he still looks very fit in this age. While they are also counted among the actors who work in selected dramas.

Noman Ijaz has been in the Pakistani showbiz industry for almost 30 years. They got married at a very young age. He tried hard to find the woman he chose to marry. And finally, after these efforts, Noman married the girl he loved.

Noman Ijaz’s wife’s name is Rabia Noman who is very beautiful. While Allah has blessed this loving couple with three sons. The eldest son is a carbon copy of his father Noman Ijaz.

So let’s take a look at Noman Ijaz’s beautiful family pictures together.

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