Mahira Khan’s Son Azlan Askari Latest Pictures


Pakistani actress Mahira Khan does not need any introduction. At the moment, Humsafar drama serial is enough to introduce her. The natural acting of Mahira Khan and Fawad Khan in this play had brought them to the heights of fame..

Mahira Khan is a drama actress as well as a film actress. Just a few months ago, there was a lot of talk about her performance in the movie Superstar.

Mahira Khan is famous not only in Pakistan but all over the world including India. Because Mahira Khan is one of the few Pakistani actresses who has done a film in India. And that too with Shahrukh Khan.

Last year in 2019, a controversy of Mahira Khan came to light when Firdous Jamal said that she is old now. And they should quit showbiz now. After that, Sultan Siddiqui, the director of Hum TV, had boycotted Firdous Jamal for making such comments on Mahira Khan.

While in the days of lockdown in the year 2020, Mahira Khan also admitted during a live session that she has fallen in love with a man. When the interviewer asked her if he was lucky Salim Karim, she laughed when she heard her name and couldn’t say anything.

You all know that Mahira Khan was married to Ali Askari in 2007. And suddenly don’t know why this couple, unfortunately, got divorced a few years later. But Allah soon blessed Mahira Khan and her husband with a beautiful son.

Mahira Khan’s son has now grown up and his name is Azlan Askari. And he looks like a photocopy of his father Ali Askari. So let’s take a look at the pictures of Mahira Khan’s hero son together.

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