Pakistani Celebrities Whose Daughters Became a Widow At Very Young Age


For parents, all children are equal, but they raise their daughters like princesses. Thinking that if there is no pride in the next house, the daughter should not think that there will be no happiness anywhere. That is why daughter desires are often raised by parents more than that of sons.

1: Ghazala Javed

Actress Ghazala Javed is often seen laughing and smiling on the TV screen. But there is a storm of sorrow inside them that they have never shown. She became a widow at a very young age and raised her children alone. She did not seek help from the family and the late Moin Akhtar introduced her to the media. Despite her hard work, she always met people with a smile and cheerfulness. Some time ago, her responsibilities were doubled when her young daughter became a widow and her son-in-law suddenly lost his life. The daughter came to their house with her two children. She used to teach in a private school. In this way, two children made another place in Ghazala Javed’s life.

2: Talat Hussain

Who doesn’t know actor Talat Hussain. He is a very good actor as well as a very loving father. One of his daughters, Tazeen Hussain, recently suffered a stroke that shook Talat Hussain as well. The young son-in-law passed away due to a heart attack. Her daughter is also a very strong and talented girl but this is a trauma that is not easy to bear at all. And this is the test of Talat Hussain that every father is afraid to give, I pray that he will succeed in it.

3: Zaheen Tahira

Zaheen Tahira though not in this world but when she was very ill and on a ventilator, actor Imran Ashraf tweeted in which he wrote that Zaheen Apa used to cry whenever she came on the drama set. I used to laugh at her but she would laugh and cry again because her daughter was sick with cancer and Zaheen Tahira took care of them. Seeing her princess die and live every day. It was all very painful for her. But she stood in front of everyone because she had to face this challenge.

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