Beautiful Pictures of Sarah Khan on the Set of her Drama Raqs e Bismil


Pakistani actress Sarah Khan who does not need any introduction, her natural acting and beautiful style is very much liked by her fans on TV screens.

There is so much innocence dripping on Sarah Khan’s face that every viewer becomes her fan. Because the secret of her beauty is that she rarely likes to talk.

You all know that Sarah Khan was born in Medina and then migrated to Karachi. And then, all of a sudden she stepped into the industry and started her acting career.

Sarah Khan started her career with a supporting role and won the hearts of directors and producers with her best performances. And so they broke all records of popularity.

Sarah Khan was in a love affair with Agha Ali for a long time but suddenly the two parted ways. And then Sarah Khan quickly got married to Pakistani singer Falak Shabir. On the other hand, Agha Ali got married to Pakistani actress Hina Altaf.

Sarah Khan prefers to work instead of spending her days on honeymoon a month after marriage. And she was seen shooting on the set of the drama Raqs e Bismil.

So let’s take a look at some pictures from her drama set Raqs e Bismil.

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