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Beautiful Family Pictures of Noor Bukhari With Husband And Daughters

Noor Bukhari is a former actress in the Pakistani drama and film industry. She has worked on TV screens as a dancer, model, host, and actress. But for the sake of Islam, she gave up all this work two years ago.

Noor Bukhari stepped into showbiz at a time when very few girls wanted to enter the industry. But with her beautiful performances and excellent acting, she drove people crazy in a very short time.

You all know that Noor Bukhari has been divorced four times in the pastŪ” And while she has a daughter from her third husband. She lives with her mother Noor Bukhari.

While some people also say that Noor Bukhari has remarried her third husband Awn Chaudhry and she is now living with them. And with whom Noor Bukhari has another daughter, she has now become a mother of two daughters.

So let’s take a look at some beautiful photos of Noor Bukhari’s small family.

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