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Beautiful Pictures of Minal Khan on Amal Muneeb 1st Birthday

Minal Khan is a model and the most beautiful actress in the Pakistani showbiz industry. This is Aiman Khan’s twin sister. Of course, she don’t need any introduction either.

Did you know that Minal Khan had stepped into the field of acting before Aiman Khan and she started her career by acting in TV commercials?. And after watching Minal Khan’s performance, her sister Aiman Khan thought of acting in showbiz.

Nowadays, the drama serial Jalan, which is aired on ARY TV channel, is also becoming very popular. In which her brilliant acting has kept the audience hooked.

Minal Khan loves to be active on social media which is why she is always seen answering questions or engaging in chat sessions with her fans.

Let’s see some beautiful pictures of how Minal Khan dressed up on Amal Muneeb’s first birthday.

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