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Nimra Khan Divorce Rumors on Social Media

Actress Nimra Khan got married just a few months ago and she is also one of the actors who got married in the days of Lockdown and Quarantine.

Nimra Khan confirmed in her interview that the marriage took place with the consent of her parents and that her husband is a police officer in London.

After marriage, she shared adorable pictures with her husband from their trip to London.

A few days ago, Nimra Khan shared a photo of the injured nose and eye on her Instagram story. In the caption, she wrote that she had fallen down the stairs very hard.

After that, Nimra Khan deleted all her photos with her husband from Instagram timeline and also deleted the photos of her Nikah day. While some people say that these marks on Nimra Khan’s face confirm that there must be some trouble between the couple.

Do you guys also think that Nimra Khan’s injury is the reason behind the alleged separation between Nimra Khan and her husband Raja Azam? Share your views with us through the comments section.

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