Beautiful Pictures of Uroosa Qureshi And Bilal Qureshi With their Son In Nathia Gali


Uroosa Qureshi and Bilal Qureshi are famous TV actors. While these two actors are now married in real life a few years ago. Their couple is so innocent and beautiful that everyone is forced to fall in love with them.

Both Uroosa and Bilal love to be active on social media and they share new photos on their social media every day and answer their fans’ questions at the same time.

The couple is so beautiful that no matter what the event, this family must be seen in the same clothes. Whether it is Eid ul Fitr or Eid ul Adha or Independence day celebrations, this family wears the same clothes and wears them on the special occasion of this day.

Uroosa Qureshi and Bilal Qureshi also went to Nathia Gali and appeared with their son Sohan in same clothes. So let’s take a look at some of their beautiful pictures.

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