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Beautiful Pictures of Rabeeca Khan 2nd Surprise Birthday Party

Rabeeca Khan is the daughter of a famous comedian and actor Kashif Khan. If you look at her pictures, you will say that Rabeeca Khan is a photocopy of her father Kashif Khan.

Rabeeca Khan is now 19 years old. And she celebrated her 19th birthday with his family a few days ago. In which she was looking very beautiful wearing a pink gown.

Rabeeca Khan was also given a surprise birthday party by the famous host and actor Danish Taimoor on Bol TV channel. And a birthday cake was cut from the birthday girl.

Rabeeca Khan didn’t know that her childhood friends would give her a surprise birthday party again. They arrived at her house and set up the theme to make Rabeeca Khan a birthday party again, and cut a cake from her.

Rabeeca Khan looked very cute on her second birthday wearing a fabulous birthday suit. So let’s take a look at some of their beautiful pictures.

After looking at the pictures of Rabeeca Khan’s second surprise birthday party, don’t forget to tell us how she looked wearing stylish outfit.

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