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Sham Idrees Introduced His First Daughter Duaa Idrees to Fans On Her 10th Birthday

Sham Idrees is a popular Pakistani YouTube vlogger. Who lives in Canada and posts their videos from there. They also share funny and daily life videos with their fans almost every day. His YouTube channel has more than 2 million fans.

Sham Idrees started his married life a few years ago by marrying Queen Froggy. After that, Allah blessed the couple with a daughter. Sham Idrees named his daughter Sierra Idrees.

Sham Idrees who likes to be active on social media. He shares everything with his fans and also answers their questions immediately. Due to which the number of followers on Sham Idrees Instagram and YouTube channel is increasing day by day.

But suddenly today the news goes viral on social media from Sham Idrees official Instagram that he had got married before even before he married Queen Froggy. Sham shared a photo with a girl on his Instagram account in which he says that this is my ten-year-old daughter Duaa Idrees.

In the pictures, it can be seen that Duaa Idrees is hugging with her father Sham Idrees. On the other hand, Sham Idrees wife is also seen taking pictures with Sham Idrees daughter Duaa Idrees.

While some people believe that Sham Idrees and his wife Queen Froggy are joking. And Sham Idrees has never been married before and has no ten-year-old daughter.

So let’s take a look at some of his beautiful pictures with his ten-year-old daughter Duaa Idrees.

sham idrees daughter
sham idrees daughter duaa idrees
duaa idrees
duaa idrees father
sham idrees with his daughter
duaa idrees pictures
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