Adorable Pictures of Salman Saeed and Aleena Fatima at Humayun Saeed House


Actor Salman Saeed and his wife Aleena Fatima, who got married a week ago, have become the center of attention on social media. Because he is an actor as well as the younger brother of Pakistan’s versatile actor Humayun Saeed.

People love seeing the beauty of Humayun Saeed’s sister-in-law Aleena Fatima and people are appreciating seeing the wedding photos on her Instagram account. On the other hand, Humayun Saeed’s younger brother Salman Saeed seems to be a photocopy of his brother.

Salman Saeed who is often seen acting in Pakistani dramas. While his wife has no relationship with Showbiz and she is just a housewife. While Salman Saeed’s wife is from Lahore and Salman Saeed resides in Karachi.

Two or three days after the wedding, morning show host Nida Yasir invited Salman Saeed and Aleena Fatima to her program Good Morning Pakistan where they talked about their marriage and many more topics. While this special program on YouTube is also getting a very good rating.

After the wedding, Salman Saeed and Elena Fatima were invited by Humayun Saeed to his house. Now let’s take a look at some beautiful pictures of them.

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