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Beautiful Pictures of Nida Yasir Sister Sawera Pasha Mayun & Mehndi From Her Show

Morning show host Nida Yasir who has two sisters and one brother. And she is the daughter of famous Pakistani actor Kazim Pasha. While She is the wife of renowned director, actor, and producer Yasir Nawaz.

Nida Yasir stepped into the world of showbiz as a supporting actress. And she started getting opportunities to act in small roles. Ten years ago, Nida Yasir’s own drama Nadaaniyaan, she had won the hearts of all by performing brilliantly with her husband Yasir Nawaz.

Then suddenly and luckily she got an offer to host a morning show on ARY Digital Channel. Which Nida Yasir may not have dreamed of even in her sleep at night. When she started hosting the morning show, the women of the house would sit down for two hours to tune her show with great enthusiasm.

At that time, because the age of social media was not so popular. Women could get a lot of information through this program. Due to which Nida Yasir got a lot of fame from this show and people also liked her show very much.

When Nida Yasir started her morning shows, she celebrated her sister Sawera Pasha’s wedding week in her special show. In today’s article, we will see pictures of her sister’s Mayun & Mehndi together.

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