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Beautiful Pictures of Ayesha Omar On Her Friend’s Wedding

When the names of famous Pakistani actors are listed down, Ayesha Omar’s name will come at the top of the list. You must have understood that this famous Pakistani actress is a model, host, and a famous presenter.

Her brilliant acting is very much liked by her fans all over the world. Her role in the comedy drama Bulbulay, which has been aired on ARY Digital Channel for years, will always be remembered in the hearts of the people.

Ayesha Omar is now 38 years old but she is still unmarried. While her fans have been waiting impatiently for years to see her groom. But now the situation is such that Ayesha Omar has no intention of getting married even at the age of 38.

As well as being a drama actress, Ayesha Omar has also shown excellent acting performances in Pakistani films. While three to four times a month we see them doing photo shoots at famous clothing brands.

Just a few days ago, Ayesha Omar also took part in a peaceful protest against the motorway incident. She arrived at the Karachi Press Club in a sit-in against the motorway incident.

Actress Ayesha Omar attended her best friend’s wedding where fans applauded her dressing. Let’s take a look at some beautiful pictures of her.

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