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Beautiful Pictures of Sadia Imam Just Took A Trip To Karbala

Actress Sadia Imam is one of the most beautiful and talented actresses of popular Pakistani dramas of the 90’s. If she is associated with Deepika Padukone of today’s era, it would not be wrong to say that whatever role Sadia Imam played, the drama would have been successful.

Sadia Imam is now 40 years old, but her fitness still looks like that of a young girl. Her husband’s name is Adnan Haider and he is also a famous foreign chef. On the other hand, she has also become the mother of a daughter whose name is Meerab and her daughter is a photocopy of her mother.

As well as being an actress, Sadia Imam has also been a well-known model and host of the Ramadan transmission. Fans love her sweet conversational style so much that people sit down and tune in to TV program.

As soon as the lockdown eased a bit, Sadia Imam went on pilgrimages to Iran and Iraq. From where she shared some of her photos from Karbala, let’s take a look at some memorable moments.

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