Aiman And Minal Khan Beautiful Pictures Celebrates Their Twins Brother Birthday


Aiman and Minal Khan love to spend time with their family. A few days after the lockdown eased, Aiman and Minal Khan along with their entire family went on holiday in the Northern Area of Pakistan.

On the other hand, Aiman Khan celebrated the birthday of her daughter Amal Muneeb with great fanfare in which many Pakistani celebrities also invited. Newlywed bride Sarah Khan, who doesn’t like to go to showbiz parties, also spotted on Baby Amal Muneeb’s birthday.

Aiman Khan took a break from the showbiz and the drama industry for a while after marriage, but now after two years of marriage, it seems once again that she is going to join the drama industry very soon.

You will be shocked to know that Aiman Khan and Minal Khan are twin sisters. But one important thing is that Aiman Khan and Minal Khan’s younger brother are also twins. The names of their twin brothers are Huzaifa Khan and Hammad Khan.

To give their brothers a memorable birthday surprise, Aiman and Minal Khan along with their entire family reached Port Grand where they gave a beautiful birthday party to their twin brothers. Let’s see some beautiful pictures of them.


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